it’s been…almost a year since i made a public post. it’s been an eventful year.

last year, i built a firepit with my sister, and built a deck and rebuilt the porch with my mom. this year, i’ve demolished a good amount of the front porch, but we’re not rebuilding it. this will hopefully stop people from trying to come to the unusable front door.

last year, i started physical therapy for my shoulder. i finished it early this year. i still have pain, but my range of motion is normal, so there’s not much more they can do for me. i have exercises to do, which i still am, just not as often.

winding down on Descendants, probably. got a lot of art out of my system: headshot, some stickers, canonxOC, reference sheets, and a height chart. i’m working a bit on a secondary set of reference sheets with more outfits, but who can say if i’ll finish it soon? it may wind up in WIP hell until we come back around to Descendants again.

started my ACNH island over. fresh start. i’m a good nine months in, and things are going pretty well. there’s a fair amount i’m missing because i’ve taken a break from most things lately.

mental health has been…not the best. i’ve started new medication in hopes of curtailing my anxiety/overstimulation, and it seems to be helping. my social battery is very low capacity though, so i’m doing next to nothing on social media or out in the world. i can go shopping, but only one region, and usually a max of four stops before i start to shut down and need to go home.

physical health, on the other hand, has been pretty decent. diabetes is still well-controlled. losing weight again…or i was a month ago. haven’t checked since my last appointment. and not health related, but physical, i got my septum pierced a couple months ago and was finally able to change the jewelry today.

also a couple months ago, we lost Quill to an aggressive cancer. we’re…coping. we’re ready to have physical cats in the house again, not just the ghosts.

oh, i updated my driver’s license. my sex is now marked as nonbinary. i also took the opportunity to update my weight, since it was 20+ pounds too much.

gotten back into doing nails pretty hard. we’re currently using a gel tip extension set, which has been nice. they add length and sturdiness. getting used to the new length, however, is a learning curve.

i think that’s about all for now.

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