it’s been seven months or so since i last wrote anything here, so i suppose it’s time for an update.

health-wise, i’m doing good, i think. i’ve lost some weight, gained some back, lost it again. diabetes is well-controlled. mentally, i’m feeling mostly stable. drinking a lot of water.

not much in the way of video games right now, expect for mobile stuff. it’s a chore getting to my computer currently, so i only do so when absolutely necessary. beyond that, i use my phone and tablet for everything.

oh, i bought a tablet. an iPad mini and Apple Pencil. now i’m doing most of my drawing stuff in Procreate. there’s some stuff i can’t do in it, so i’ll still need to get to the computer for Clip Studio.

my hyperfixation of the moment is Disney Descendants, so i’m drawing a lot of stuff for that. my characters, Gana’s characters, there’s gonna be some canonxOC stuff in a bit. i’m really having fun with it, so i hope it lasts a while. if i can get close to the same amount of stuff for Descendants that i have for DC, that would be really cool.

middle of the year means time for accounting, so i got half the paperwork finished. i’ll tackle more this weekend or monday.

been spending a lot of time outside because the weather has been nice. we built a firepit and have been using it pretty much every night. the weather has turned chill the past couple days, but it’s supposed to warm back up next week.

i think that’s about it. life is quiet. i get up, i sometimes go get Starbucks, i do some art stuff, play a few games, and sit outside.