some more updates.

in the roughly 1/5 months since i was last here, there have been some notable changes.

firstly, i have a tattoo now. it’s a week old, so still healing, but it’s super pretty and i love it. i guess it’s just a good year for body modification, since i got pierced earlier this year, too. anyway, the first of many to come, provided this one heals nicely.

i have this mental health app i’m using to track moods and just day to day life stuff. i’m treating it mainly like a diary, so it’s mostly just me rambling about sleep or whatever i’m working on at the moment. i think it’s kinda helping, though, because it keeps track of positivity/moods/motivation throughout the entries, so i can see trends.

art-wise, i’m working on crochet at the moment. i also am slowly working on new outfits for the Descendants girls, but that’s really taken a backseat to the crochet. i decided i wanted to make a net top because i missed having one. so i’m making one. i still need to make the sleeves, and figure out what i’m doing with the wool i’d started the project with. i’m torn between crop top and shawl, but leaning more crop. either way, it’s gonna be cute.

after i finish with my tops, i’ll be working on a halter for Gana, then doing winter wear for Watcha and Teddy Panda. teaching myself new crochet stitches and patterns, because isn’t that what art is about? expanding your knowledge and skillset. at least, i think so.

anyway, i’m really enjoying the fiber arts stuff, and it’s giving my hands something different to do. i think it may be helping the undiagnosed ADHD(?), too, because i’m focused on the crochet, but not so much that i can’t do other things. well, once i have the foundation done and am just working the pattern.

i am hoping, though, that once i have the current projects out of my system, i can go back to digital art or maybe some of my games. i’ve been neglecting all of them for basically the last two weeks.

June/July are both paperwork months, so there’s a little bit of stress there. we’re getting it taken care of, though. tomorrow, probably, will need to be spent partially on the phone to do the interview portion of benefit renewal. easily the most tedious part of the process, but unfortunately necessary.

taking the time to write this out has been nice, too. i should do it more often.