lately, like the last two months or so, i’ve been crocheting. a lot. i made two sweaters and a scarf for myself, a scarf/hat/glove set for my sister, four hats for Nonna, several bags, a hat and scarf for my sister’s bear Watcha, a hat and scarf for my bear Teddy Panda, and about half a dozen granny squares. i have two projects left to work on, a sweater for my sister and another bag.

i think, because of the way i’ve been focused on crochet, it’s beyond a hobby currently. it’s a legit hyperfixation. i don’t think i’ve ever had one that wasn’t media based before, so this is new territory for me. it’s weird. i want to share all the stuff i’ve been making, so there’s likely going to be a gallery going up in the next week or so for fibers.

we’re starting a D&D game soon, the first ever for Gana and me. i’m playing a kenku rogue named Fil Kreechur. Gana is going to be a tiefling druid named Carrion Bonewreath. we’re excited. dunno when we’re starting, other than soon.

other news, we lasted 3.5 years without getting COVID, but it did finally happen. mom caught it, probably at work, and Nonna caught it from her, probably while sleeping. Gana and i are still negative.

have i talked about my plants? i can’t remember, so here’s the rundown. i have a bowl of succulents. there’s four little guys in it: the jade, a bear paw jade i call Fuzzy Baby, and two that was a stalk that i took clippings from called Tall Boi or Rupert. Rupert was a good eight inches tall when i took clippings. i planted the crown back in the soil, and it took root. none of the other clippings did, probably my fault. there’s also a single hen and chicks and a planter of forget-me-nots that are Gana’s. the jade was just two leaves, then it started going weird so i planted it further into the soil and now there’s a new crown that seems to be doing well. Fuzzy Baby is thriving, as are the Ruperts. Rupert’s original crown is back to six or so inches, maybe more, and the stem sent out a set of leaves on either side of the stem, so it’s getting bushier than it was. i almost want to trim it again to see if i can get even more of a bush, or trim the crown back down and see about getting another shoot going. i have a good rhythm for watering them, and they all seem very happy.

the forget-me-nots were a late season planting, so we haven’t had any flowers. hoping that we will next year. outside, we have a planter with marigolds that are currently blooming. there’s also a lilac bush that finally flowered after two years of being in the ground. the lavender around it is doing great. we had a bunch of foxglove sprout this year, and it looks to be going to seed. in the yard, it’s the wild pink foxglove, but we also bought a planter that had a beautiful peach foxglove that we want to get seeds from, because it’s pretty. mom has monkshood that also bloomed this year. it was a good year for flowers.

blooming, flowers, etc…three out of the four of us got tattoos over the past two months. i got a pretty morning glory on my forearm, Gana got a dandelion on faer hip, and mom got a thistle on her calf. all of them are gorgeous, and if you’re in the area, i highly recommend TygerWolf Tattoo in Tacoma, WA. i want to get another tattoo. the artist that did ours’ has a set of witch familiars, and one of them is a goat unicorn that i immediately fell in love with. life, however, has other plans, and more ink is not in my near future. mom is getting another tattoo in a week or so, a set of scales that i designed. really looking forward to seeing how the artist modified my sketch for the final product.

i also want to get another piercing. well, two. i want snakebites. i think they look cool, and that my mouth is a good shape for them. my septum is all healed up, and i’ve changed the jewelry in it a couple times. my current one is a star with waves on either side of it. it’s very small, and i love how it looks. Gana is thinking about future piercings as well. specifically, faer ears and eyebrow. fae wants another in each lobe (bringing faer to three holes total), one in the cartilage of both, and faer left eyebrow. i hope we’re able to do some or all of that over the next year or so.