another hot minute has gone by without an update, so i’ve uploaded all the art done since the end of May. it’s a lot. there’s a bunch of stuff in Character Design (Full Body, Half Body, Lineless, Headshot). there’s some stuff in Patreon, because i’ve started doing quarterly images for Patreon again. there’s a new icon in Other (Landscape and Design), because it’s been a year since i really updated my icons.

it’s also been a stressful few months. my middle sister has moved back home from Arizona, and we’re trying to get things set up so her kids can come and stay with her part time. it’s a process.

my youngest sister had an emergency hospitalization and surgery, and is slowly recovering from that. the surgery wound is healing nicely, and we have hopes that it’ll be close to fully healed by the end of the year.

i’m still working on crochet projects. finishing the last of the dice bag dice bags for now, then on to some amigurumi things. i made a panda for one of my friends, and want to make one for myself. we have a new member of the Broot Skwad, so i’d like to make a doll for him. after those, maybe i take a break and work on the cross stitch i’ve had ready to do for over a year.

gaming is going well. with B moving back home, they’ve joined our group. i think we’re getting close to endgame on Witchlight. we have another campaign that B is running, where i’m playing a dwarven ranger named Grim Steelbeard. she’s kind of a goofball, and definitely not as serious as her name suggests. she just has a perpetual frown.

i’ve also dipped my toes into running games. i’ve run several one-shots, and they’ve been fun. i’m ready to give my Clue one-shot a test run, and i’m writing something for the Gnome Guides, which is one of the recurring groups that are in interconnected one-shots.

as hectic and stressful as this year has been, i’m feeling good. i’m making progress on getting certified as G’s caretaker, which means i’ll be paid for what i’m already doing. i have a fairly regular schedule that i’m able to keep to. my mood is a little grey, but that’s mostly the weather. i know i do better with sunny days. my plants are all doing pretty well, except for the part where they went a little too long without watering because i was staying in the hospital with G, so some leaves were lost. but yeah, things are going pretty okay for me.