a few months since a text update.

a couple of weeks of working on tattoo designs and other artwork. there’s a lot i’ve been doing. as always, Patreon sees things first. there’s stuff i can’t share either on Patreon or here, but if you know where to look for my NSFW, you can find it.

a few months of slowly continuing to crochet. can’t work too much on it at one time or i’ll trigger tendonitis again, and i hate having days where i can do literally nothing.

a couple of months of working on a homebrew dnd setting. i have a map. it needs work, but i have a map. thanks, Minecraft. i have ideas for the storyline, which incorporates some Minecraft mechanics into the lore. it’s still very much in the planning stage.

a lot of playing Witchlight as much as we can. we’re finally back into Yon, after being kicked back to Hither by a tornado. hoping to have batter luck traveling this time. already starting to undo some of the bad that Endelyn has done. she’s not too pleased with us. had to say goodbye to Charlie (our blink dog companion) and Juniper (our owlbear companion), since they couldn’t make it into Yon the route we went.

a couple of months that i’m back into Animal Crossing in a big way. both parents got Switches and a copy of ACNH, so we’ve been playing as a family, which is nice. it’s fun seeing how they play differently than either me or Gana.

four years since we let Lila go. it’s hard to believe it’s been that long already. there are times when it still feels like yesterday. i miss her so much.