let’s see…in the past two weeks, we’ve finished our appointments for the month. i did cancel my last behavioural psych appointment because the doctor has helped me discover the tools i need to use, and i know that if i start feeling like i’m floundering again, i can make another appointment.

haven’t gotten my labs back yet, which is a little weird. they’re usually faster with it.

yesterday was a bad brain day. it felt like if anyone changed the subject too fast, i couldn’t keep up. the best analogy i can think of is that there’s one of those rotating track switchers in my brain, and it was moving super slowly, so i was having trouble following topics. today has been better, but still not great.

my facebook is still deactivated. i should probably log back in to let people know where to find me, but honestly, it feels like such a chore. it’s been really nice not spending time out there. right now, twitter is pretty much my only social media. i still have a tumblr, but i haven’t looked at it in months. when Yahoo banned adult art, i lost interest.

since it’s now winter (fight me), my chestnut praline latte habit is back in full swing. this is on the tail of maybe a cup of tea twice a week, so my body is not really used to the caffeine anymore. this hasn’t stopped me from drinking them when i can. unfortunately for my sleep cycle, that’s usually between 1400 and 1700. mistakes were made, but i’m standing by them because that coffee is tasty.

today was a busy and exhausting day, and i didn’t really realize how exhausted i was until i got back home. we’ve come up with a temporary solution for the terrifying back stairs to last us through the winter. we went and bought some cinder blocks to shove under the stairs so there’s not as much give on them, and some plywood to set across the porch. this was a good plan, and should’ve only taken us an hour to get in and out with the stuff. mistakes were made, because we didn’t think that the plywood wouldn’t fit into the car. when i say car here, i mean it’s a midsize SUV (Chevy Equinox), so it’s not some dinky thing that has no cargo space. it took an hour, a lot of twine, and a second trip inside to buy some tie down straps to secure it to the roof of the car.

now that i’m home and have eaten, the exhaustion is setting in hard (i guess the coffee didn’t get me as hard as i thought). i’d wanted to play some on INFRA or work some more on the clothing reference for Orchid, but either the muscle or tendon in my index finger is spasming. if i do anything before i fall asleep, it’ll probably be some INFRA because i can’t hold my stylus properly at the moment.

the clothing reference sheet is coming along nicely, btw. i’ve finished the lineart and am currently adding colours. i’m pretty happy with it so far, but i’ve realised i need to update her team palette, since i’ve made some changes to her clothing and colour choices. this also means i need to update her chibi with the new colours/design changes.

i don’t think i mentioned it, but the check engine light has turned off in my car. i took it in for an oil change, had them replace the filter because it hasn’t been done in the 4 years i’ve had the car, and the light turned off. my heating/cooling seems to be working properly, too. this just leaves the tires and potentially the rear differential to be looked at.

things seem to be getting better. i hope that’s true.