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  1. You at least have good motives that allow you to (mostly) ignore this BS. When one already hates exercising but does it because “I have to,” things like this are guaranteed to kill any desire to work out.

    I read a thing some years ago that really resonated: that most exercise regimes are designed by ectomorphs to punish mesomorphs.

    1. Thinking more on this has left me with a lot to unpack about it.

      That’s essentially my whole point with this shaming nonsense. If you’re going to have a gym-going lifestyle, or even workout, you need to want it for yourself. This comes across as bullying to me. I might be overly sensitive, having been bullied a lot, but it really feels like being bullied for daring to have a life outside the gym, or for needing to take days/weeks/months/years off from going to the gym because of health issues (including mental health!), or even just for poor time management. And with that last in mind, it’s disingenuous, which leads into the other, and possibly more frustrating, half of my problem with this signage/wall art/garbage.

      1 hour is only 4% of your day if there are 24 usable hours in every day, which only happens if you’re taking uppers. So it’s not only shaming patrons with this “NO EXCUSES” rhetoric, it’s also just poor math, which feels more like I’m being lied to. Like, it’s one thing if it’s a close estimate, but this is really off from a realistic standpoint. No one should feel bad about not giving up 25% (a generously low estimate, also, since most people I know that work work more than 8 hours a day) of their free time to something they don’t really want to do, which ties back in with my earlier point: if you’re going to the gym, you need to go for yourself. If you have other obligations/commitments/just not feeling it, that’s okay.

      As for exercise/workout regimes, I agree. That’s why I don’t use one created by anyone else, or use a trainer. My goal isn’t to punish my body for past problems, but strengthen it for future challenges. No “whipping myself into shape” or any other violent thought process. I’m rewarding myself for making it this far, and helping make sure I can keep going. My routine started with a month or so of familiarizing myself with the equipment and what muscle groups each machine worked (all of the machines have a nice diagram of how to use the machine and what muscle groups it exercises), then thinking about what I wanted for my body and used the machines that focused on those areas. Personally, I wanted to work my back and arms because a strong back is important for basically everything, and I had noodle arms. I started with machines and have mostly moved to basically a full body workout with free weights. I’m still working on my arms and back, but also the rest of me too.

  2. Asking for help is truly the hardest in my opinion. I’d rather run myself down than admit that I need help. I am sorry that this was the thing I taught to you.

  3. As stale as it sounds, I’m sorry you’re dealing with so much. I’m glad you’re tolerating food again, and that your mood is better. I’m sorry about the computer, and fully understand the desire to art but not the energy to do so; I was there for several years and as you know have only recently begun ago. Re: Katamari, glad to see it’s on Switch! My recollection was no actual dialogue spoken, just text, but the last I played of that was on my PSP several years ago (RIP).

  4. It has indeed been a year, both good and bad and while the financial stuff has been a horror show the good things have outnumbered them. Tattoos, piercings, and crafts oh my. More tattoos in the coming year, one for me for sure (I’m looking at you apple branch) and for the rest of us as well.