firstly, uploaded a ton of stuff that i finished over the past three months, so there’s new stuff in Character Design (headshots, half body, full body, lineless, reference sheets), and a few new things in Patreon 2023.

got about halfway done with the 10 year headshot updates, then ran into problems. i don’t like how one of them keeps coming out, so i’ve put a pin in the project until i can get Giuliana to look like herself.

got big into Mass Effect, so that’s the bulk of my new stuff. I have two Shepards (Gianni/”Johnny”, Braeden/Denny), Gana has two Shepards (Quentin, Avvy), we have a whole continuity for them to run in. it’s really fun seeing how they fit. i’m having a blast with it.

life continues. there’s been a lot of bad news recently, and we could really use something good.