i feel like i should give an update on things.

i’m still drawing, albeit slower than before. i don’t want to feel like it’s a hassle, but it kind of is. i’m currently working on a new set of chibis for our RWBY characters and their updated looks, the children’s book, clothing reference for the RWBY characters, a pinup, and the Patreon stuff i started last year but didn’t finish (Sadie and Anubis/Walt, Eros the teenage love god, and my parents). and all the other things still sitting in my WIP folder.

i’ve taken up felting as a creative outlet, or as i like to call it, precision stabbing. i’ve done a cute lil Anubis (pics below) and a bun. i’m working on another bun.

Anubis back

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i haven’t been playing much more than mobile games. KOF Allstar is my current compulsion. i’ve also gone back to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

ups and downs moodwise. right now is a down. Lila’s been on my mind a lot lately. the general mood of the house is upset. i’m caught between actually crying and wanting to scream. nothing seems to help. i can’t get any decent sleep. i’m so tired. so. tired. i want to sleep. i want to scream. i’m not doing either. just crying. hours at a time, just crying.

i started using the Relax feature on my Fitbit. it’s a nice break to just close my eyes and breathe for five minutes. doesn’t really help me relax, but it’s nice.

i don’t really have the brainwidth to watch movies, especially things outside horror or comedy (the dumber, the better), so i’m surviving on let’s plays of horror games. there’s so many things i want to do but can’t focus long enough to make any of it happen.

in the way of physical health, i’m getting better at figuring out where my blood sugar levels are at by how i feel. if it’s under 120 or so (y’know, normal human fasting range), i feel like i’m dying. i kinda always feel like that anyway, but this is different. my head pounds, and i get a kind of vignette around my vision that pulses. i get wobbly. so i’m keeping a protein bar (nuts and chocolate) in my car to make sure i’m not caught without something.

sugars have been running on the higher end. they had been stabilizing, but everything is out of whack again. i want to get back on track. i’d rather not deal with it at all, but now that it’s a Problemâ„¢, it’s something i have to keep an eye on and try to manage.

i’m trying to stay positive. i’m hopeful that this year will bring some good things. cautiously optimistic. i really need some extra good in my life.