October is over. Halloween is over. here i am.

on the health front, over the past three weeks, my blood sugar has dropped over 100 points. i’m almost at a normal human fasting level. so, i can tell the medication is working. i’ve noticed that i have a near constant tension headache that’s twinging my neck, but it may just be the angle i have to keep my computer at ((there are definitely advantages to using a separate monitor, like being able to adjust the height. not that i have space for that right now.))

this month is also shaping up to be a hell month. the last week is the only week we have no appointments, and i aim to keep it that way. appointments every week makes it difficult to schedule necessary things, like vehicle maintenance.

i have what may be my last appointment with the behavioural psychologist this month. she’s been helpful, and i like her a lot. mostly she checks in on how i’m coping with life, and encourages me to keep going. previous appointment could have been my last, but i want to talk about Lila, and i can’t really do that with the family because they’re all still grieving, too. maybe she’ll have some tips for helping me stop feeling all the guilt.

i haven’t finished ink/witchtober yet, but i still plan to. that’s not to say i haven’t been drawing, because i feel like i’ve done nothing but for the past week. i’ve made body templates for seven characters so we can update clothing, and worked some on a playlist cover image that’s coming together nicely. once i’ve finished the ink/witchtober prompts, i’ll upload them here.

because it’s RWBY time, we’re doing our annual binge before we start the new season. we’re making it easier on ourselves this year by starting at volume 4 instead of 1, since we know the first three pretty much by heart. i’m looking forward to seeing what kind of new lore we get this year. of course, new season means new spoilers, so i’m cutting back even further on my social media to avoid them.

i’ve taken a break from computer games again, mostly because of the constant tension headache, though i’ve picked up on my mobile gaming again. i know that reducing screen time will help, but i’m basically living on migraine meds right now ((gotta love that combination of aspirin and caffeine!)). it’s not protein i’m needing, but my caffeine intake has decreased drastically over the past few months. something about coffee not tasting right anymore will do that. i could go back to drinking tea more regularly again, but that doesn’t really solve the “what do i order at Starbucks” issue. i’ve been doing the salted caramel hot chocolate, which is not great for the sugars, but it’s tasty and i’m not drinking it every day. i don’t care for the hot teas they have, so when i want something warm, i’ll just keep going with the hot chocolate. if the chestnut praline latte comes back this year, i’ll give it a try, but i’m not really holding out much hope.

i wish i had some way to wrap this up without it sounding awkward.