so, i have a big announcement. i don’t know if this will be a widespread published deal, or if it’s a small personal project for use in the classroom, but.

i’m illustrating a children’s book.

this is a literal dream come true, and everything about the project so far sounds like it’s the thing i need to be doing in life.

i’m shaking with excitement. i’ve already sent off design ideas for the main character, and i have such a clear image of what this will look like at the end.

i’m shaking with terror. this is a huge project. there’s 18 pages of illustrations, and i’m already struggling with time management for Patreon and 52 weeks.

i’m shaking with nervous energy. this is something i’ve always wanted to do, and i have the chance to do it. i’m trying hard not to play the what if game, but.

i’m shaking with worry. this is leaps and bounds outside my comfort zone, and looks like it may be going further than it already has. i may need to start going to the library to work because it’s getting harder to stay focused at home.

i’m shaking with joy. if everything goes well and right, this is a huge portfolio boost, and could open more doors.