hokay, i think everything is up and running the way i want it to. if you run into any issues while browsing, please let me know!

on the art front, i’m feeling a little overwhelmed. i’m trying to stick with it, but i feel like maybe i’ve bitten off more than i can chew with the art challenge on top of trying to keep my patreon supplied with stuff. i don’t really want to drop the challenge, so i’m sticking with it until i absolutely can’t do it anymore. if nothing else, maybe it will help get my production speed back up.

personal aside: i am hecking exhausted. my brain has switched back to insomnia mode, so regardless of how tired i get, i’m awake until 3 am, then it’s like a switch gets hit and i can sleep. waking up earlier doesn’t really seem to help. forgoing naps doesn’t seem to help. i’m just kind of an art zombie until i can fall asleep. but it’s definitely messing with my mood and how i interact with people. not good.